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Along with production of work clothing we also have an embroidery machine and we can embroid your companies names, your names, emblems on all types of work clothing, t-shirts, caps, bags, towels, ties, shirts and other items according to your demands.
Our machine embroidery is applicable to all types of textile fabrics (twill, denim, terry cloth, cotton, wool and other types of textile)

We offer a large variety of promotional items:
  - caps, hats, visors, bandanas
  - t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, vests, blouses, shirts
  - key chains: rubber, micro-sponge, fabric, plastic, leather, with lamps, with bottle openers.
  - lanyards for accreditation passes, air fresheners, balloons, flags, cups, puzzle, car sun shades, mouse pads, cell phone stands, tape meters

* If you're e-mailing a picture or a logo in pc vector format then make sure the picture is transformed into curves.
* You can send the picture or bring it on a floppy disk or a cd in .jpg format
* If you're bringing a picture on paper make sure it is a quality one and not too small
* Make sure you emphasize the desired size of the program or specify where on the item should the motif be embroidered
* We do not make programs out of hand drawn pictures (unless that has to be the desired motif)

We also offer the service of making programs for embroidery machines which meet your demands. We use your business cards, memos, and computer graphic files (formats included: .cdr, .jpg, .wmf, .emf, .pcx, .bmp)

We deliver the programs on 3,5" floppy disks or via e-mail in various machine formats: zsk, tajima, barudan.

When embroiding on bags it is necessary to bring a sample bag to determine position and size of desired motif.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any information considering machine embroidery or programs for embroidery machines.

Digitalization – digitalization and computer –controlled embroidery are made quickly and with guaranteed quality.

Making of embroidery programs is based on your logo which you can bring to us or send via e-mail  as a computer graphic file (.jpg, .cdr, .ai, .gif, .tiff,...)

This method is suitable for application on all sorts of fabric materials and various categories of textile items such as caps, hats, t-shirts, jackets, blankets...

Computer-controlled machine embroidery is one of the most attractive ways of  decorating clothing items and it presents an interesting combination of traditional craft and computer programming.

Today, computers replace the hands of our mothers and grandmothers and make this technique faster and more precise. Embroidery motifs are being created and prepared on computers and data about size, colour and number of stitches of a certain logo or name  are being transfered to embroidery machine which then transfers the motif onto the fabric of your choice.

IMPORTANT: For a quality embroidery it is very important to pay attention to the type of fabric used in the process.

We recommend consulting one of our experts who will suggest the best solution for what you need.

You can e-mail the motif in various formats (.jpg, .eps, .ai, .fh, .gif, .tiff...), and in case you don't have one prepared you can bring a quality picture on paper or choose one of many motifs from our database.

We will send a sample of your ordered item or its photograph to you for approval before we start producing  it. Make sure you state the dimensions of motif and  specify is there a part of motif that doesn't have to be embroidered and if so, which. Also specify the item and consult with our experts about details.